The Balloon Room at London Fashion Week!!

I am so proud to say that out of the hundreds of balloon companies in the country, The Balloon Room was chosen to provide the set for a Top Shop fashion designer at London Fashion Week. I have been trading as The Balloon Room for nearly 10 years and this is the biggest job by far not only in size but in exposure. The designer found me on the internet and asked for ideas. He liked the ideas I gave him and it went on from there.

The event was hard work, it took me and 4 other staff 6 hours to prepare (we started at 6am!), then 2 hours to set up and the fashion show was only 25 minutes long. It was all popped after that 😦
Photos of the balloons were shown around the world and were in the national papers such as The Independant and The Guardian.

Click here to have a look at one and for another here

AND…. I was in the local paper – The Advertiser, which has been a great way of advertising for me! Click here to have a look:

Find The Balloon Room on Facebook to see more London Fashion Week photos 🙂


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