Martin a.k.a The Feather Boa Man!!

I had the pleasure of providing the balloons for someone who always makes me smile. I met Martin a few months ago when he came to have a look at my portfolio for a birthday party he was organising for his friend. He bought about 300 feather boas and draped them everywhere you can imagine (and some places you can’t!) at the venue. Well, him and his feather boas came back and ordered even more balloons for a christening he was organising. I absolutley love Martin’s meticulous attention to detail. I love that everything is OTT!! I’m not sure I love the fact he makes me put half a ton of metallic silver ribbon on every balloon!! 🙂
I haven’t got any photos as the room wasn’t set up when I got there. I’m sure Martin will send me some and I’ll post them


One Response

  1. Now then young Natalie! Once again you’ve done me proud, the balloons for my Great Neice & Nephews christening yesterday were brilliant. Delivered bang on time & done exactly as we’d discussed…..with all the extra trimmings I know you love so well!
    Have organised many do’s in my time and you really are the best Natalie……thanks again for everything! X

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